Therapists Need Websites

We have all heard it "If you are in private practice- you need a great website!" The truth of the matter is, 70% of small business owners do NOT have websites (I think that number is higher with therapists). And, when I talk to therapists with websites, half of them LOVE it- and the other half are stuck with websites that they can't update, nobody can find, and that aren't bringing them any business! 

If you are a therapist looking to have an effective website to build or maintain your private practice, here are your basic options: 

1. Hire a designer to build a html or flash website.

These websites could cost you anywhere from $200-$10,000. These websites are often difficult to update, they don't contain a blog function, and it doesn't answer the questions you have: What pages should I have? What do I write on each page? How do I develop a clear vision for my practice? How do I convey what I do in writing to clients? 

2. Purchase a service like TherapySites.

With content pre-written for therapists and fancy little moving pictures, it may seem like a no-brainer! $60 a month isn't much to spend for a professional website that will bring you clients! The problem is the content pre-made in TherapySites could actually keep you from being on the first page of Google. It could make it HARDER for clients to find you, because it isn't unique. It also doesn't give the option of having a blog. You can have a separate blog that links like another page. But, that means you are actually learning how to use, design, and maintain TWO websites. For most therapists, taking care of one website is a chore- it doesn't make sense to have to do TWO! All of a sudden, your $60 isn't going that far! 

3. Check out the fabulous WordPress.

Some of you have seen that WordPress isn't my favorite thing. At the end of the day, WordPress is a great product- I am just not convinced it is fabulous for most therapists. However, if you are a techie/geekie therapist I think you will LOVE wordpress. It is a low-cost option and gives you lots of options and cool add-ons to wade through. You have many templates to choose from, as well as the option for custom design. 

4. Check out a Wordpress upgrade like Squarespace.

There are many Wordpress-like services out there that start with what works about Wordpress and then upgrade so you get the best of both worlds. Squarespace integrates cool add-ons, does not require any techie expertise (or desire), and editing your site- it looks just like your site. You can see a video of what it looks like to edit a Squarespace site here

If you are ready to finally build your therapy website, check out our Therapy Website in 30 days program. It is a video training developed especially for therapists who have NO or limited website experience. We love working with people who have fears or anxities about technology to break down the process of writing and putting together a website into small blocks of work that won't overwhelm you. 

You can schedule an hour a day at home, at the office, in your slacks, or in your pajamas with a cup of loose leaf tea (I found the most amazing caffeine-free tea the other day-yum!). 

This program is only $300 and it is more than just a how-to in formatting a website- it is made especially for therapists and helps you process through all the questions that you have to answer as you build your website! The ongoing cost for your new website would normally be just $13-22 depending on your needs. However, for the month of June, Squarespace has given us a fabulous coupon code that gives you 30% off of your website purchase! Woohoo! Check out the ZynnyLoves page for the link and the coupon code! 

Click here to signup for this fabulous video website building program today. We have a 14 day money back guarantee-if you don't love it, aren't inspired, and don't see it coming together- we will give you your money back!