Don't I Just Need the Right Pictures to Start My Website?

Why when I hear a therapist or helper say these words do I KNOW that they aren't talking about pictures of themselves? I'm going to tell y'all another little secret- the only picture you REALLY need ready to go when you build your website- is one of YOU! 

Don't leave yet! As a MFT, LCSW, or psychologist- you might have already shut down at this point. You may not think so- but you might do a mental check in ;0) The hours that healers will spend looking for the right photo of flowers, paths, getting a logo made, worrying about colors can be a real time stress and a time suck (to be blunt) in the website process. 

However, when I ask these same clients about a photo of THEM to put on the website- clients quickly shut down, ask "Is that really necessary?" and try to fast forward over that part of the photos. 

A path, a flower, a logo- that is not your brand! As a healer- you are your brand! I have never had a client say "I saw your logo and I just HAD to call you." Ok... I'll be honest- I don't have a logo- so that would be impossible! And guess what? I have a successful, thriving practice in a down economy. No, I don't take insurance, no I don't just lower my fees to $20 a session. 

While pictures are fabulous- remember you need only ONE picture to launch your website- and that is a fabulous photograph of YOU! 


ZynnyMe "To have my mindset shifted in such a way that I can make decisions about technology that make sense for ME." 


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