Why I Love Squarespace

Ok, it's true... I can't really talk about hating WordPress and not share what I actually use and love. Just a little back story about me and my relationship with websites. It has always been a little love/hate. 

I have understand the power of websites and web marketing. I have sat for countless hours building websites on Google Sites, WordPress, Webs, GoDaddy, and many others. I have also had websites designed on Joomla and Drupal and lived through great, ok, and downright horrible experiences with web designers. 

I have even completely abandoned websites and business plans because I got so frustrated with the website! How crazy is that? 

So, when I finally found a platform that made intuitive sense to me- I was pretty ecstatic. No more working with "developers" who didn't speak my language. No more searching for hours to remember how to edit my page, while simultaneously breaking my email system... I very seldom ever shout out profanity while working on my website! Even better? I have been able to teach a ton of non-technical people that websites don't have to be a headache! So here are my reasons: 


  • No Backups (I can if I want to export- but I don't have to!

  • No separate hosting, ftp anything, or weird backend of servers

  • When I login- my site still looks like my site- I navigate around my site to find the page I want to edit and it.

  • I can play with the design and see exactly what things will look like immediately and don't have to save the changes.

  • It can handle crazy level of design-but I don't have to do crazy design to have it look professional.

  • It has tons of widgets and gadgets built in that are pre-tested.

  • I don't have to upload/install any add-ons and such to have cool stuff on my website.

  • It just works- 99% uptime.

  • The customer service responds intelligiently to my emails really quickly. Usually within 15 minutes.

  • It just makes sense to me.


And that my freinds is the most important part. Your website needs to have full functionality- and there are many platforms that do- but regardless- it has to make sense to you and resonate with you! 

Why? Well- let's talk about why you need to like your platform- even if you plan on outsourcing (paying someone else) to build your website! 


ZynnyMe "The process of having your mind opened to the possibility of computers not sucking your will to live."