Why Can't Someone Just Build My Site For Me?

Well the answer is someone can design and build your website for you, but they can't actually make you a website. I know that sounds bizarre. 

If you were going to write a book, where would you start? Would you start by contracting a graphic designer to develop cover art for your book? Would you talk to your child and ask them to develop an outline for your book and provide that back for you? Probably not!

You would probably sit down and work on your outline first, the purpose of the book, and then put your head down and start writing! You know (or should know) that once your content is put together- that is when you can start the process of editing, formatting, marketing, etc. 

Now, I will admit, I have totally sat down to work on cover art when thinking of writing a book. Why? Writing is a SCARY process. It is hard to know what you should put in, leave out, etc. 

Making a website is not unlike writing a book. In fact, some people use their website or blog as the basis for their book! 

You can NEVER outsource your writing and have a book be truly connected and profitable (in my opinion). Your website should be your voice, your words, your passions in the help and healing you provide for others. 

Your voice is the most important part- it is only after your website is made (written/outlined) that you can then get it designed! 


ZynnyMe: "A request for a common sense approach to technology that is based on technology adding to my life- not enveloping me."