My Dirty Little Wordpress Secret

Wordpress is all the rage right now. You have probably heard someone rave, or had your kid say "just get a wordpress site!" Unfortunately, many of these people fail to realize not everyone is technical- and not everybody thinks the same. 

I have seen a lot of people spend money (or have their kid) set up a Wordpress site, only to have the website wither away-because the person doesn't actually understand how to use it! 

As a healer who loves helping people and loves technology- I am kind of a weirdo. And, I have a dirty little secret... I HATE wordpress. Yep- I said it! In theory I should LOVE Wordpress- everyone says it easy, it's free, it's got fun little gadgets to add on... and yet- I don't. I was beginning to think I was crazy until I started fessing up and hearing from others who also just didn't "get" Wordpress.

Here is a list of the reasons why I don't like Wordpress: 


  • When I login-it feels to overwhelming. Logging into my Wordpress site takes me to a weird back-end that just doesn't feel intuitive.

  • While it is free- there are definite costs associated with it. The professional version requires me to get separate hosting and to update the program manually.

  • If I don't update the program manually- I can get hacked!

  • I have to backup my blog manually to make sure I have it.

  • If I get hacked... and I didn't backup my blog- my blog is GONE!

  • There are major limitations to the look/theme

  • I don't want to spend hours playing with gadgets that don't always work.


Some of you may say- but my kid says get Joomla or Drupal or some other fruit of the month free content management system (website). Guess what- they all have the same drawbacks (I've tried them all). 

This may seem like a plug for my website- I don't mean it to be. I just want to let people know- if you have tried a website platform and you HATE it- it might not be you, technophobia, or a lack of knowledge- it might actually be the platform. 

I urge you- don't give up! Find a platform that is intuitive to YOU. Using a bad platform is like trying to put on a dress that doesn't fit/look good/feel good. You can keep it in the back of your closet for as long as you want- but your never gonna wear it out of the house. 

When you find a fabulous fit- you want to wear it every day! Here is wishing you finding your fabulous website fit! 


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