Why I Love My Website! VIDEO

I love helping people! Although many of you may get the impression that I love technology- I DO NOT love technology for technology's sake. I love technology that makes my life easier, my practice run better, and leaves me with more time to chase after my 4 year old! 

It may not surprise you that I have built a lot of websites over the years. As a person who talks to people for a living- building websites used to be a NIGHTMARE! Believe me, if I had the money- I would've hired someone in the a heartbeat! 

The problem was, even then, is that I am a kinesthetic learner, relational learner. It means I have to do something to understand it. When I called graphics designers they would say things like: 

  • How many pages do you need? ummm I don't know...

  • Just send me your content. ummm I don't have any content...

  • Just send me your edits and I will update for you. I have to print it out, make edits, and then send it to you? Isn't there something more direct?

  • There is this cool add-on widget- just upload it via the ftp server. FTP what?

Many of you have had varying levels of these conversations. You aren't sure what the answers are, what to ask for, or what to write. What is the point of having a fantastic looking website if there is no content? There is no point! 

Thankfully, website building today is completely different! You don't need much technical knowledge to get started, you have complete control over making edits to your website in seconds, whenever you need to, and they just make them as easy as possible! 

Don't believe me? Check out the video below- why I love my website and you be the judge! Does it look easy to you? 


Ok- are you sold that it is easy? If you are ready to play and write your content, click here to start using the platform. Or, do you have some questions, anxities, and need a little support? 

There are parts where you might need a little handholding your first time around. Things like: 

  • Understanding the purpose of a website for therapists, clinicians, MFTs, and LCSWs

  • Deciding the focus of your own personal, unique website that will make your business BETTER!

  • Emotional and practical support and guidelines for writing your website in a way that shares your voice.

These are part of the normal learning curve if you don't have a marketing or advertising background (which most of us dont!)