Super Shrinks

I got a chance to attend the Super Shrinks Conference today with Scott Miller, PHD as the speaker. He was phenomenal! A Super Shrink is the unusually effective and talented psychotherapist. Through Scott’s research it became evident that Super Shrinks  are always seeking consultation, engaging with questions, and trying to figure out what they need to improve. It is about improving our outcomes as therapists and not settling in our comfort zones. 

It got me thinking not only about how we need to seek to grow in our clinical skill but in our technological skill as well. If you have technophobia, you might just go blank when people talk about technology in practice. You might avoid questions and stick with the common script of “I just can’t do that.” However, consider that you current level of knowledge is simply a benchmark. You need to know where you are in order to know if you grow. So if the benchmark is that you only use email, use pen and paper for your notes, have files cabinets, use a land line, etc., then you know that if you sought out help, you can measure how you get over your technophobia. This could look like you use a smartphone, go paperless, have a website, or in the very least, ask questions about technology you don’t understand. 

We grow when we are challenged and get out of our comfort zone. If you are in private practice and never seek consultation and never realize that you have something to learn  your clients will only get better to a certain point. Same with your technology in your practice. If you don’t get help, learn something new, then you won’t discover the world of possibilities and growth out there for you. 

We started Zynnyme because we know that people can get over their technophobia. It is exciting. We love getting asked questions and watching the light bulbs go off. We love learning too. We are constantly researching and asking questions to be better consultants for you. So if you have a question...please ask. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you.