Black Friday... We've Been Bit by the Bug!

Ok guys... it is official- we have been bit by the Black Friday Bug! Why? Because we just got an email from SquareSpace (our favorite place to build a website- it is what this website is built on) that they are doing a 30% off promotion this weekend! Woooohoooo! 

That may not seem like a big deal- but believe you me- it is! It is only for new customers- but their coupons last FOREVER! That means that if you snag this deal- you will be paying less than we are for your fabulous website! 

So what would it mean to "buy your website" from SquareSpace? It does your hosting, gives you unlimited storage space, a blog, unlimited pictures, cool templates, and an easy to use interface that makes having a website for your business a breeze! We especially love this for service oriented professionals like helpers, healers, etc. 

Have Questions about SquareSpace? Give us an email at or post it below. We would love to help you make your decision. We NEVER want you choosing something that isn't a good fit for you! Here is a quick video tour! 

Ready? Click this link and enter the SquareSpace coupon code TURKEY30 This discount stacks so monthly cost for your fabulous website would be $15.54, if you decide to prepay for a year, it is only $168, and if you prepare for 2 years, that draps it down to less than $150 a year! And, it includes 24/7 customer service that make sure your website never "breaks," is "lost," or hacked. If a piece of equipment breaks-your website stays up! (This deal ends on Sunday!)

They also don't nickle and dime you for additional pages, for hosting a blog, for posting videos, for contact pages, etc.! 

For those therapists out there with TherapySites, compare the yearly cost: 

Template with little customization, and difficult for people to find: $720. Nobody to guide you through who "gets you," and canned writing that doesn't really describe you! 

SquareSpace that gives you ultimate customizatio, a blog, it is to easy to find, easy to use, and you can pair it with the Website in 30 days program and get actual COACHING designed to help you be successful! Total Cost $500! And, if you decide to purchase a year or two in advance- SquareSpace drops another 10% and 20%! And, website in 30 days program is a 1 time fee! So next year, your website "expenses" could drop to only $15.54 per month or $187 per year! Your colleagues will still be paying $720 every year for their website that can't even host a blog! 

Not to mention, our Website in 30 days has a 14 day money back guarantee! Woohoo! 

Anywho- hope this helps at least 1 person cut their ongoing costs, while bringing in more clients! I'm thankful this year for a full practice, and for the individual I've hired in less than a year who is joining my practice! I'm tired of turning 5-20 clients down a week!