The Therapist's Website

What makes a therapist website different than other therapists? At Zynnyme, we have built websites not just for therapists, but for small business owners, political figures, medical professionals, and more. But what makes us unique when we coach on website building for therapists, is that we are therapists. We GET IT! There are some things to consider about therapists' websites:

  • We are relational. The copy we put into our website needs to reflect that. You are speaking to your audience to connect with their heart. This lends to a unique way of grabbing your readers attention- Asking them questions that they can relate to, spelling out the therapeutic process, and in essence showing them that what you do, is what they need.

  • Logos mean nothing. Yes yes yes...we have a logo for Zynnyme. But, for our private practices, it is our face. Our work is about relationships. People want to see who they are going to meet. We connect through our eyes, our smile, and our expression.

  • Reaching out for help is hard for people. We have to make it extra easy for people to connect with us. I don't put cliff hangers on my website. I lay all the cards out on the table so they know what they are getting into. I have an appointment button so they can schedule right away. I explain my fees. I answer other common questions. I have my forms and informed consent online. It is all there.

  • Ethical advertising is a must. You can't make promises. We aren't like a product with a 30 day money back guarantee. You need to be aware of this on your website. Sometimes people put testimonials and such as well. Be very careful of this. We can't make promises on a relationship. Our work is just not that simple and we need to protect the confidentiality of those that have used our services.

These are just a few differences that make us unique when we are building our websites. Not every website person out there understands some of these issues. If you hire someone to do your site for you, they really need to get what you do, who you are, and who you are trying to attract. Of course, at Zynnyme, we know for a fact that you can build a website yourself...and we can help you along the way.