Website Video Evaluations

So it is rare that Miranda and I are in the same zip code. Very very rare. And of course we decided to do something fun and offerred a free taste at our new program - the Website Assessment. You get 15 minutes of video looking at your website, talking about its strengths and areas for improvement. We love this idea because it is visual. You can see first hand how someone from the "outside" sees your site. We always recommend having a second set of critical eyes to look at your site, so why not ours :) It doesn't matter if you use Squarespace, Wordpress, TherapySites or others. We have experience with all of them and we love helping people get the most out of their time and money when it comes to building a website. So check this out below or go to our website packages to purchase your evaluations here

So below is one of the website evals that we offered and Dr. Marlo Archer took us up on it! She was brave! Here is what she had to say about it 

"Consultation from Zynny Me was very helpful. I consider myself fairly technologically saavy and they still gave me dozens of suggestions to improve my chances of being found by potential customers and motivating them to action." - Dr. Marlo Archer

Thanks to Marlo! We had a blast doing this for you and thank you for allowing us to share it on our blog. Pardon the giggling at the beginning - it doesn't make sense I know, but we messed up and were trying to fix it. Sometimes we laugh at ourselves.