What You Need to Know BEFORE You Buy a Website

You have all heard that having a website is SO important to having a successful business. And, you know what, it's true! If you don't have a website- you aren't taking your business to the level it could go. 

At the same time, just having "a website" doesn't necessarily build your business. In fact, a bad website could detract from your business! What is a bad website? Here are a few clues: 

  • It's hard to find unless someone already knows you. You want people who have a specific problem or need to be able to find you!

  • It's hard to find even if somebody knows you and your business. Red Alert! There is something terribly wrong with your website!

  • It turns people away from calling you. If you are getting 100 visitors per month, and no calls- there is a problem! In fact, if you are getting less than 5 or 10% conversion rate- people calling you after reading your website- there is a problem!

  • Your website has outdated or wrong information on it. This does not send the right impression.

  • Your website looks like you are working out of the back of a pinto... in other words, it is outdated, not professional, and doesn't convey how fabulous you are! Helping a few interior designers through a website redesign- they are going from a website header like this: to a website header that looks like this: http://elementsofchic.squarespace.com/ (Header design by this fabulous artist (http://staudesign.com/)

The old header was ok, but the new one is so modern and better shows their asthetic and doesn't convey that they are outdated designers (because they aren't!) 

I hope this tips today help you to check in on whether your website is really working for you, and lets you think about what doesn't work in websites! 

I'm doing a training tomorrow in Fresno, CA through http://camft-csjvchapter.org/chapter-events/ that will go over extreme details on what you need to know to have a fabulous website that gets people calling you. This presentation will be a great of healers and helpers. 

What are your biggest website headaches or fears? Post them below? Or feel free to join the converation at http://facebook.com/zynnyme if you are so inclined! 

We do web design in Modesto and web design in Laguna Hills locally, and also can answer questions like "what should I put on my website?"