Build A Successful, Passionate Private Practice With Cash-Pay Clients Who Are Excited to Work with You

We're Kelly and Miranda and we help therapists build a thriving practice that matches their integrity and passion. If you are committed to building a full practice and just need a little guidance, we can help in every aspect of your business.

As two therapists turned business coaches, we will help you uncover your business vision, implement a strategic and profitable plan, and create your dream life and practice.

If you are serious about marketing your private practice,

passionate about the services you offer,

ready for massive transformation, then... what are you waiting for?

Here are 3 ways we can help you, right now, today even.

3. Go and choose a free training from the buffet of recordings of  our previous webinars.

Build a Successful Private Practice Today!

Have a question about private practice? Search away. Odds are, we have an article on the subject! If we don't, drop us a line and we will put in the queue for future topics! 

We <3 Helping Therapists

We both have a masters degree in Psychology and are licensed to provide therapy. We realized that if we help 50 health and wellness professionals reach clients who need them every year- we can have a greater impact on the world than we ever could just running our own psychotherapy practices! Let's heal the world and run a great practice!  

Become a Confident Therapist in Business

We find many passionate therapists, psychologists, and counselors who are unsure what the next step is. Or they try to "wing it" and implement a plan that won't work, or will lead to burn-out. We are your private practice experts and we know what works. Watch a free private practice training today! 

Business Therapy for Therapists

While you won't get therapy from us. it is pretty hard to hide from success when you have two therapists turned business coaches helping you. And because we are ethical professionals, we won't ever ask you to do anything shady or unethical! We care about people as much as you do! See what therapists say about our private practice coaching.