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oooooh this is awesome! I’m totally going to do this (Thursday when I don’t have 7 clients booked today and tomorrow! yay!)
OMG, Miranda, you are INCREDIBLE! I just (finally) logged onto my twitter acct and I am just blown away by how you did it up! Feeling so fortunate and blessed right now! Thank you thank you thank you!
I had a really cool revelation today: If my business continues with the momentum I’ve had over the last two months I’ll be able to quit my job very quickly!
Wow, just watched the google docs vid about google key words, it blew my mind
This morning’s call was awesome!
omg what would i do without you
I really want to thank you ladies for this morning’s call. When I get home today I’m going to play around with some different ideas for things I have to offer and then figure out how much of my time it would take on a weekly basis and the monetary value for each of this things. Then I can really figure out what to offer and get on putting that together!